The Road Begins

“Yvonne and I are safe, our son Paul is safe and our house and car have not been damaged by the two earthquakes that hit Haiti on January 12.  The first quake a 7.0 rocked our house like a leaf in the wind with an epicenter just 5 miles south of us.  Exactly seven minutes later a second quake a 5.9, hit 25 miles away.  Since that fateful hour Haiti has been rocked by over 40 tremors with average strength of 5.0 which makes those tremors earthquakes!

To live is Christ and we intend to make every minute count for His glory! Hallelujah!”

My uncle, Joel Trimble, wrote these powerful words as a part of his prayer letter­­­­­ just hours after a devastating earthquake hit Haiti.  Joel’s and his wife’s, Yvonne, presence in Haiti is where my story begins and was a catalyst for my journey.  Watching the media coverage of the earthquake, hearing the tragic stories, both Morgan, a good friend of mine, and I were touched by the devastation and wanted to do something, offer our support in some way.  Nations around the world rose to help the Haitian people, so too were Morgan and I eager to join them.  We talked about going to volunteer and began looking for where we could be of service.  The organization we were interested in volunteering with was an orphanage called “God’s Littlest Angels.”  Yvonne encouraged us to get involved with GLA, as it is an organization that is affiliated with Yvonne and Joel Trimble’s mission, Haiti for Christ.  We started planning and got in contact with GLA.  When everything was set, we booked our tickets for a twelve-day trip and headed to Haiti on June 15.  This was my second trip to Haiti and I did not know what to expect.  In all honesty, I thought 24 hours after we landed I would be ready to head home.   The same hour we landed, however, there was a tremor.


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