Arrival in Haiti; tremmors begin

When I landed in Haiti with Morgan, I was immediately aware that this trip would be unlike my first trip to the country.  The earthquake had ravaged the nation without mercy.  The buildings and structures that once stood were now nothing but ruble.  Yet, despite the vast destruction, the Haitian people are resilient, strong, and beautiful.Lotto in front of damaged building

Waiting at the airport Morgan and I decided to sign with each other so we would not be flooded with people pedaling their Brazilian flags, taxis, or any other item that they were selling in the hopes of receiving a monetary exchange.  We knew Yvonne was on her way to pick us up . . .  eventually.   After signing back and forth for about five minutes we were approached by two deaf baggage handlers. We were shocked and excited at the ease of communication!  They were using American Sign Language (ASL).  We talked to the men until our ride (finally) showed up.  We were introduced to their friends and family who were near the airport, waiting for work to turn up that day.  This was the moment my world began to shake; this was when the microscopic earthquake inside of me started—in my mind, in my heart; my whole body and soul.


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