Realizing My Purpose

After church in the tent city, we met back at Yvonne and Joel’s home for Church service.  Every Sunday Yvonne and Joel open their home to volunteers and missionaries.  It is a great thing to get together and worship when you are in a country like Haiti.  To be surrounded by people who have been called to the same place as yourself is a reassuring feeling.  This was about the time I started to fully realize the change that was happening with in me.  This was when I knew I no longer wanted to return to the states.  I began to realize my heart was in Haiti, my future was in Haiti.  There was no doubt in my mind what God’s plan for me was.  Knowing God had a plan for me, however, was a new feeling.  I always thought I was in control of my life.  For the first time I realized I was part of a bigger plan, I was here to serve God in whatever his plan for me unfolded to be.  This realization was very overwhelming.

This was the day I knew I would be returning to Haiti.  The vision in my mind was that I wanted to return to Haiti and would like to start a school and do something in the deaf community.  I did not know how I would go about doing this, when the time came to leave it was hard.  During the week there were more signs solidifying to me this was where I am supposed to be at this time in my life.  Haiti was the place I wanted to be, it was where my heart belonged.  I did not know when I would be returning.  When Morgan and I got back to New York, being in Haiti and the project was all I could think about.  It had consumed me, it was now my life.  I started to realize the things I needed to do to accomplish what my heart was determined to do.   Sacrifices were going to have to be made and this was not going to be easy; some were harder than others.  Haiti had shaken up my world for good.


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