Coming Home

At the airport

This week I finally came home!  The past month was a bitter sweet feeling for me.  It was hard to say good bye to family and friends.  To be honest all I thought about was the moment I landed in Port au Prince, when I stepped off the plane and was home at last.  Haiti is my home now.  Other organizations here are my new colleagues, the community I live in is my new community, and the culture will become my culture.  It will be an adjustment, but I am excited and ready for what lies ahead of me. 

There were many feelings running through my head when the plane landed.  I was excited mostly.  The trip through customs went smoothly Dave, my boyfriend who also recently made the move to Haiti was traveling with me from the states.  Together we managed to get most of my life into four suitcases and three carry-on’s.  On the plane we met a volunteer from New York who was coming to Haiti for three weeks.  It was nice to talk to him and see there is still interest with volunteers.  It was great to see his face when we landed.

Dave and I had a little bit of a wait to be picked up at the airport.  It was nice to be able to hang out and “people watch”.  It was really nice to see people interact.  We were approached by people wanting to help us, weather it was getting a ride or water or letting us use their phone.  I was able to find the deaf baggage handler from my previous trip.  He remembered me and we were able to chat a little.  I had been asked by a few people to find out about a rumored deaf tent city.  Not only did he know what I was talking about, he lived there!  He told me where I would be able to find it.  This was a great start to my first hours home!


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