Friends of Deaf Haitians

In the meeting tent

Today was the morning I went to the Friends of Deaf Haitians tent city (FODH).  I was able to get in contact with one of the coordinators and we went to check it out together.  My uncle Joel went with me as well as David.  They were both very interested in the deaf community and what I was trying to do there.  We walked around and met a few people and then went to a meeting in the “office” (a tent).  This particular tent city is unique in that it

We talked about the goals and how they could be accomplished.  The primary goal for myself and the leaders of the tent city is education.  Together we talked about the possibility of using a tent on the property for multi purposes; a school and a church.  It was decided this would be the temporary solution.  There is approximately 350 people living in the tent city.  There are 45 tents and no shade.  Water relief had donated a water filtration system, but there is not water to put into it.  Food for the poor gave food for three months, the earthquake happened over seven months ago.   

FODH is one of the cleanest tent cities Joel said he had visited.  It was organized and safe.  The French Embassy has helped to get FODH essentials immediately after the earthquake.  There is a chain link fence surrounding the entire area. 

ILY spray painted on a wall in Petion-ville

I felt very welcomed and accepted when I visited.  Again my heart was captured by the Haitian community.  Haitians are such gentle welcoming people.  Every day I am blown away at how appreciative they are to see another day.  Today God granted me the privilege to wake up again, how blessed am I.  My first short week in Haiti has taught me this and so many other things; about life and values and what is truly important.  Every day I wake up and thank God for putting Haiti in my heart; and for the placing the deaf community right beside it.  I trust God will guide me through my adventure here, through my struggles and obstacles.  There is much to be done to achieve my goal.  Luckily I am not doing it alone.


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