God Has a Plan

Monday and Tuesday this week (September 6th and 7th ) I was able to spend some time with some pretty great people.  Joel knows all the best people in (and out) of Haiti.  Tom Kim is the executive director for Churches Helping Churches, a stateside organization; www.churcheshelpingchurches.com.  Monday I met Tom along with Ruben who is here from Brazil and plans to move to Haiti early next year.  Together with Joel the three of us visited the church in one of the largest tent cities in Haiti.  It is located on the former Petion-ville country club; it is the Jenkins Penn Haiti Relief Organization or J/P HRO.

We walked into the main tent and met with one of the in country directors.  Every morning I pray for guidance and wisdom on my project.  This was a morning I think God was particularly tuned into my prayers.  When I was introduced to the director and told him why I was in Haiti he told me about the deaf tent city they recently heard about and were looking into assisting, but needed someone to aid in communication.  This is the same tent city I have been trying to work with to set them up with a school.  I find as I put my faith of the project and my faith for my life in God’s hands and surrender the thought that I am in control I continually see the power of God.  I am in Haiti to start a school for the deaf, but the deaf community here is very much on my heart.  If J/P HRO is involved in FODH I know the people living there would not be forgotten about.  Haiti is blessed there are people like those working at J/P,  those involved in churches helping churches and many other organizations who have given up their lives to come to help.

Tom is in Haiti for another week and a half.  He is very busy here trying to find churches he believes he can help.  He is interested in church planting here, especially how he can help with churches in the tent cities.  Tom is one of the gentlest people I have met while in Haiti.  I am so blessed that our paths crossed.

Later the same day we met up with a friend of Joel’s and a few other people at the tent city.  Nate Lasseur is a Haitian Firefighter from Florida.  Last year he was named Fire Fighter of the year!  Nate is the founder of International Firefighters Assistance; www.ifarelief.org .  He is a native Haitian and travels back on forth to do trainings here with the firefighters and a myriad of other organizations.  This trip Nate was showing around Allen Sullivan, a photographer from Atlanta; www.allensullivan.com.  Allen is in Haiti following up on a few stories from his previous trip to Haiti, post earthquake. 

Tuesday I was able to bring Tom and Ruben to FODH and show them around.  I enjoyed being able to watch Tom try and communicate with the people living there.  He was interested in learning a few basic signs to say “Good morning” and “How are you?”  I was able to tell Tom about my plans for FODH and talk to him about deaf culture.  When we left Tom told me he felt moved to do something for this community and he would like to help me with a temporary building to serve as a school and a church.  As if this wasn’t enough to bring me to tears, Tom then asked me how many desks I would need as well.  God is doing great things here for this country.  I am blessed of had the opportunity to meet Tom and show him what I am doing in Haiti and what the deaf community is all about.  Tom and I are meeting Saturday, September 11th down at FODH to survey the land and hopefully find a place for the building.

It was amazing to have to opportunity to connect with so many great people who are willing to help in this country.  People who have been effect similarly to myself by the beauty that is Haiti.  I am grateful for Tom and those at J/P for opening their eyes and taking interest in the deaf community.  I am very fortunate to be living in Haiti.


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