The IFRC comes into my world…

My third week in Haiti started out fairly calm.  I went down to La Piste to meet Aaron from the IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross).  Aaron was able to explain the plans for La Piste more in depth.  After a brief discussion, Aaron expressed to me the dangers of the area in Port au Prince that La Piste was in.  It was a mile away from a part of town called Cite Soliel; this is one of the most dangerous areas of PAP and is heavily run by gangs.

Aaron made it clear to me that the IFRC is not able to guarantee the deaf community homes in La Piste when the temporary structures are completed.  Knowing the dangers of the La Pistes’ location, Aaron and I discussed moving the deaf community to a safer area in Port au Prince.  It is just an idea he had and asked me to discuss it with Widler and the deaf community.  I told Widler what Aaron and I talked about and asked him to get the thoughts of some members of the deaf community.

In the meantime, FODH is still on La Piste and not many of the people there have jobs.  Life in a tent city is pretty minimal.  Together, Aaron I and Widler were able to get ten men from FODH to be part of the construction team that will build the temporary structures.  This means that ten men will have steady work and a weekly income.  Using deaf workers has been a learning curve for the rest of the construction team as well as the IFRC.  In order to make things go smoother, one of the ten workers is a CODA (Child of Deaf Adult).  He is able to hear when orders are being given and communicate with the rest of the deaf workers.  So far it seems to be acceptable for everyone involved.


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