Birthday FUN!

This past weekend we had TWO birthdays at the house. Georges birthday was Sunday and Yunick’s birthday was Saturday! I don’t particularly enjoy cooking, but I sure LOVE to bake. Friday night Georges, Jocelyne and I went to the super market to pick up a few things. I bought fun-fetti cake mix and powdered sugar for butter cream frosting. Saturday morning I was up and ready to do some baking.

The birthday group!

From start to finish…nothing was the same as baking in the states. In order to run the hand mixer, which by the way only has one beater, you have to unplug the refrigerator so you don’t blow a fuse. Next I opened the box of cake mix to find many little worms who apparently also have quite the palate for fun-fetti cake. Plan B, make it from scratch. With whole wheat flour and pure Haitian vanilla and butter cream frosting, I think it came out pretty good.

Me and the girls!

Eight of us went to dinner at Epi Dor, a Haiti burger chain restaurant. Of all the time I have spent in Haiti, this was my first visit there! I went with a traditional cheese burger; it just seemed to be the easy option. It was great to have a “family dinner” and something to celebrate. There is a communication barrier between me and the girls, but that has never stopped me in the past and I sure don’t intend it to now. They are helping me with my Creole…but I’m pretty sure they are laughing a little on the inside; I know others do when I talk to them. Language barrier or not we had a great dinner and didn’t stop laughing the entire time! When we came home it was time for cake! Desert is my favorite part of every meal and snack, especially when that desert comes with birthday wishes! Happy birthday Yunick and Georges, I hope this year is one of the best ones yet! Blessings to you both, so happy I was here to celebrate with you!


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