Barbie Dolls and Little Girls

Do you remember your first selfless act? I can’t say that I do. Somewhere along the way, the values my parents were trying to instill in me sank in-are still sinking in. I have a friend who I met through working for the 410 Bridge, his name is Zach. He is a MK (Missionary Kid), he grew up in Bohoc and will graduate from Georgia Tech this May. Zach’s Goddaughter, Dialove, lives out in Bohoc. Her mommy left when she was little and her daddy did not survive the tragedy on January 12th 2010. She lives with her uncles, grandfather and other family members in a quaint little home.

Zach is in the states and asked me to check in on dialove when I am able. It’s no secret that I have a sweet spot for kids, so I of course agreed without hesitation. A few of the members on the team that was here in the middle of the month knew Zach and the story of his Goddaughter. We were able to visit her home and spend some time with her. She is absolutely impossible not to fall in love with.

Me and Dialove ❤

When I returned home and was visiting with a few of my friends on the mountain, I told them the story of the little girl I met that melted my heart. I went on a bit of a search for toys to bring to her when I return to Bohoc at the end of the week. My cousin’s fiancée Erin gave me a coloring book, crayons and a small stuffed animal. I put a call into my friend Nikki who has two girls herself and asked if she had any Barbies or toys I could have. She told me she would check for me.

Bailee and Kylee-Selfless little Angels ❤

When I went to dinner that night, Nikki and her girls, Bailee and Kylee were there. After we talked on the phone, Nikki told her girls a little about Zach’s Goddaughter. At dinner, one at a time the girls came up to me, gave me a Barbie with her hair all done and in a nice outfit and said to me “These are for your friend” and “We’re sorry about her daddy.” Haiti can be an emotional place, and I am an emotional person; this was almost too much for me. Without hesitation or putting up a fight about having to give up their toys, these selfless little girls each picked out one of their prettiest Barbie’s for a little girl they have never even met.

I have thought about it all day, but I still cannot remember my first self less act. This is not these little girls first self less act, I can assure you that. There are many people in Haiti right now who are here to serve, selfless people who have taken time out of their lives and money out of their bank accounts to help this country rebuild. Of all the selfless people in Haiti right now, Bailee and Kylee surpass them all. I believe the betterment of the world begins with children. Have you done something selfless today? OR better yet, have you praised a child who did?

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Luke 6:31

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all whoever have.” Margaret Mead


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