First Team to La Piste

There have been many firsts in the last few months. First team I was a part of followed immediately by leading my first team alone out to the province. Now it is time for the first team to venture into La Piste with The 410 Bridge. We have had many teams come for an afternoon, but never a team devoted solely there.

They come in this afternoon and there are many things I am feeling. Excited-as I know I will build lasting friendships, one thing leading teams thus far has taught me. Nervous-this is the first team to La Piste, I want so badly for everything to go perfect. Happy-Margaret Spratlin, my boss is the US leader; I can’t wait to give her a giant hug! Leary-Haiti is a place where you have to be flexible and easy going, I’m from NY and feel a bit like a hypocrite when I ask everyone to be flexible and keep in mind this is a different culture from that of the states. I am learning, flexibility and patience are coming hand in hand for me these days.

Whatever happens in know it will be a great! Please pray the team makes it here safely and they have a great week and amazing experience. This is a life changing place and can be quite overwhelming to take in, I find myself continually ‘processing’ the aspects of my every day. I can only imagine what it is like for those who come in for a week and then must return to their lives.


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  1. Praying for you and the team, my friend–in this very moment and whenever I think of you! Peace…

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