It was great to take a few days and enjoy my trip to DC. The people in Haiti are a huge reason of why I am here. They are truly captivating; strong, resilient, faithful. It is inspiring to work with them every day, whether my day is at the camp, out in Bohoc, or somewhere up in the mountain. When I met Jimmy, Widler and Macinson I was so excited to learn about their culture. They are Deaf and Haitian; I knew there would be many cultural differences compared to the US and anything I have experienced before.

FODH board

The three of them and so many other people at the camp who I have grown to know and love are so instrumental in my experience in Haiti; I was excited to see them experience my culture and my country as they have shown me their country and welcomed me into their culture.

When I got to DC I met up with a friend from RIT, Brent, who is attending Gallaudet University for his Masters in Interpreting. I took Brent with me over to where Friends of Deaf Haiti (FDH) was meeting, where Jimmy, Mackinson and Widler were. I was so excited to see my friends; it was incredible to see my two worlds meeting. I imagine it will feel something like that when my friends from RIT come to Haiti…yes this is a cheep HINT to you all!

Accepting Awards

It seemed the boys were all really enjoying themselves. There had a busy two weeks ahead of them, all starting with the kick off of the FDH one year anniversary celebration! It was a great night, all three were recognized by the organization and FDH celebrated all they have accomplished for the Deaf in Haiti. I hope there will be a partnership that will evolve between FDH, The 410 Bridge and Frazer United Methodist Church; all three have uniqueness to bring to this project. Individually each can accomplish great things, but united together it will be greater than any of us could have imagined. A big THANK YOU to my wonderful hostesses the Cohen’s and my travel buddy Georgia!

My wonderful Hostess!


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