A month in the STATES!

Yesterday I got back from my month long visit to the states! It was a crazy hectic  trip jam packed with family, friends and some much needed relaxing. I didn’t intend to be gone for that long, but things kept showing up that I needed to be out for.

My trip started with the beautiful marriage of my cousin Paul Trimble who lives in Haiti and his amazing soul mate Erin Murphy in Nashville TN. From there I went to Atlanta GA for four days to visit the 410 Bridge offices. I was able to see things from a different perspective; I think it will be great to have a better understanding of how things are run on that side of the ‘bridge.’

I then flew to Rochester NY to visit friends from college and cheer on one of my best friends, Gabi Nocciolino, as she graduated with her masters in Deaf Education from NTID/RIT! After a fun weekend with many old friends I ventured to my father’s house for a week of relaxing by the water and sleeping in. Memorial Day weekend was great up at the lake as always!

Next I went on for a week at my mom’s preparing for a second wedding, my step brother, Devon Thomas married his beautiful bride and soul mate, Hester Keith. Just when I was hoping time would slow down I traveled to my brother’s house to put in some time with my niece and nephews. Jozette, my niece, and Danni my sister in law and I went to see the Traveling Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast in Utica NY, where the star of the show a local Marathon hero, Jeff Brooks did an outstanding job. From there I had one more stop, one more round of unpacking and re packing with my little red suitcase accompanied by an appearance of my HUGE red suitcase where we all traveled to Montgomery Alabama!

Frazer United Methodist Church in Montgomery Alabama has partnered with the deaf project and The 410 Bridge. Kyle, (our Education Coordinator who will move to Haiti this August) and I spoke at all six services at Frazer for their Missions Day. It was a question and answer setting where we were able to talk a bit about the project. I was a little nervous at first, but by the end of the morning I was really enjoying it! I hope the congregation at Frazer UMC is excited about the future, I know Kyle and I are! It was a great weekend in Montgomery; I was able to visit with past team members who hopefully will be back joining me in Haiti soon leading teams of their own! Saturday we got to go boating on Lake Jordan! I tubed, jumped off a large rock 20 feet up and tried my hand at waterskiing for the first time; I got up once for about 5 seconds!

All flights were on time and I made it back safely to Haiti ready for a busy HOT summer! I’m rested and excited for the many teams that will be visiting Haiti this year through The 410 Bridge! Time to settle in for now and get ready for the HEAT and mosquitoes; first full day back, I’ll meet up with Margaret and a team from Frazer tomorrow who has been on the ground since Friday!

Thank you to all who were a part of making my trip home so great! My parents, family and friends! I miss you guys every day! Thanks for always supporting me in so many ways! I can’t wait until I get to hug you all again!


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