‘Hit the ground running…’

I remember watching a Myth Busters episode once where they tested the theory of ‘hitting the ground running.’ They ended up disproving it, a person does not go any faster if they come from above and actually ‘hit the ground running.’ HOWEVER, I am still going to use the phrase, I got back to Haiti on Monday and I feel like I really hit the ground running!

I am staying at New Life Children’s home for the summer as I look for long term housing. I knew my previous situation was temporary as Georges and Jocelyne will be moving up to Fort Joques soon. I will be staying at New Life as I look for a place that can house both Kyle and I and possibly a few other stragglers. Many of the teams that have come to Haiti through The 410 Bridge stay at New Life at either the beginning or end of their trip. It’s a great Children’s Home with an inspiring atmosphere. I was able to settle in on Monday afternoon and get myself situated a little. As I flew back, I was able to see La Piste flying in over the city; if you know what to look for the brightly colored wooden homes in perfect rows are hard to miss.

Tuesday I went with Sarah and Daniel who also live at New Life, we went all over Port au Prince taking care of different errands; buying a new lawn mower, choosing new paint for a second children’s home that New Life is opening down the road. The second children’s home is for children in a nearby tent city. We finished up the day with lunch down on the UN compound! I enjoyed spending the day with them!

Wednesday the team Margaret was on out in Chadirack from Montgomery, Alabama picked me up from New Life; we went to La Piste to visit the deaf community there. We walked around and saw some of the micro enterprise businesses that have been started up with grants from the IFRC and from Stan, someone who works with a deaf mission in Mexico and has been visiting the deaf community here. It was great to see so many businesses up and running, I hope they will be able to sustain them.

Wednesday and Thursday I stayed with Margaret’s team at MTI’s (Medical Teams International) guest house. Stephanie and Fabienne from MTI took the team to do a little shopping and see some of the city, we ventured up to Petion Ville for street shopping and lunch. One of the cars had some problems so we needed to be back in the early afternoon so after lunch we headed back to MTI for some relaxing. Around dinner the second team who had been in Bohoc for the week joined us for the night. It was a beautiful night in Haiti and both teams did worship on the roof top before splitting up for their debrief.

Friday both teams headed to the airport and two new teams came in! What an amazing Haitian staff we have, they are so dedicated! Both teams arrived safely and went to separate guest houses for the night before heading off to Chadirack and Bohoc on Saturday. As for me…the land purchase for the deaf project is getting closer every day (we hope)! I will not be spending as much time in the province with teams as I did the last three months. As the deaf project starts to grow I will be focusing all my attention on that, I’m excited and anxious (a little nervous too) to see what it will grow into! I’m heading to Jacmel for the weekend with friends from MTI, enjoying this beautiful country while I can!


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  1. Nice update. Hope to connect with you maybe tonight (Monday June 20th)on line. Love you, Mom

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