Teams Teams Teams…

Last week 410 Bridge had two teams on the ground. Our amazing Haitian staff turned around after parting with two teams to picking up two more.  I was able to greet them at the airport as they parted their separate ways. I’m a little sad to not be heading out to the province as much with teams, but I’m excited as to what that means for me here in Port au Prince. It means the deaf project is starting to pick up steam. The purchase of land has been holding us back for some time now, but we decided to start sending teams regardless. 410 and Frazer UMC will begin sending teams on medical missions for the deaf community to be held at a church near La Piste. I know NOTHING about medical, but fortunately we have connected with an amazing organization called Medical Teams International (MTI) where the teams will be staying during their trip. MTI will accompany us to the site and assist with running the clinic. It’s great to see organizations down here working together!

This week I have been working on collecting census information about those who live at La Piste. We want to know the skills and jobs of the people who will be in the community as well as what kids are in school. Information like this will be helpful in figuring out how we can better partner with people who live in the community.

It’s been a long process to collect the census information we need, but piece by piece it gets accomplished. I still don’t have transportation down here in Haiti and I rely heavily on the grace of others who have been so helpful to me, I don’t think I could ever repay them. The people I have met down here all seem to have hearts of gold (although some of them try to hide it)! Frazer is working on a transportation solution and Kyle will be here in August. It just seems to be one more monkey wrench thrown into the mix of life. I’m ready to jump on the back of a moto-taxi, but no one else seems to think that’s such a good idea…I guess I’ll have to listen and be patient for now.

There has been a large group here at New Life for the past two weeks. Two different Mission Discovery teams ( have been here working on the church. Last week’s team of 40 tore the rotted roof off and this week’s team of 45 replaced it with a shiny blue one! The team’s also did quite a bit of painting and of course playing with the kids around here! I love having the opportunity to sit and talk with people who have such amazing stories. I feel so blessed to be here it seems to be beyond my words this morning. The Mission Discovery vision team was here back in April when I was staying at New Life with a 410 Bridge team; I was able to catch up with some old friends! People, relationships, friendships, love…I might be starting to figure out this ‘meaning of life’ question.

I also found out this week we have an open trip in August coming to work with the deaf community! If anyone is interested contact Margaret via email at! I am particularly excited about this trip because I am hoping to see some familiar faces on it; friends who make my world go round!!!

This only seems to scratch the surface of my week, but will have to do for now…


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