When I stop to think…

Sometimes when I stop to think about my life I can’t comprehend how blessed I am. I stand on the porch at New Life and look up at lights of the city adorning the mountain like sparklers on the fourth of July. I live with 120 tiny amazing people in the breezy Caribbean. Not to mention how blessed I am to meet and actually get to know so many volunteers. Lately I have met some people who blow me away. This world, this life…it’s so inspiring.

At night, after dinner the children have worship and a short devotion. Benches are set up outside and if you have ever been to New Life you know what a special experience it is. The other night I was spending time down with the kids and felt I was starting to form a bond with some of them; one day, one kid at a time. I sat down for devotions and one little girl, about nine, came and snuggled in next to me; then another. One of the little ones climbed up on my lap and quickly fell asleep. I realized I didn’t have a lap big enough, I never will.

There is a stomach bug going around with the kids as well. I was talking with Heather who is adopting from New Life and she said something that struck a nerve in me. If you know me and have ever been around me when I am sick you will know I am miserable, I just want to be taken care of; I want my mommy to rub my back. Heather and I were talking about how sad it is for the kids who are sick and don’t have a mommy like we did. After this conversation I have been trying to make a point to snuggle with whoever is in the infirmary as often as I can. I might not be able to be their mommy forever, but I’m going to try my best to fill in for an hour or two as often as I can.

When I stop and think, I realize how blessed I am. Someone has always been there to get me juice and crackers when I am sick, I have always had a pillow to lay my head on at night and I had two mommies and two daddies who loved me and raised me for who I am. I pray every one of the kids here at New Life will be with their own mommies and daddies soon, sitting on their laps.

“Let them be yours alone, never to be shared with strangers. May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth.” Proverbs 5:17-18


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  1. Tara you are more than I ever could have hoped you would be. I wrote a letter to you when you were a toddler and one of the things I wrote was I hoped you would be good, kind and loving. You are all of that and more. You will be a wonderful mother to your own children one day for now you are helping to bring happiness to those who need it. Continue to do exactly what you are doing!

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