Mission of Hope-LAND?!?!?!!

On Friday my boss Kurt Kandler from The 410 Bridge traveled to Haiti for one of his ‘long weekend’ visits. Kurt is over 410 operations in both Kenya and Haiti and is a very busy man. I am excited for him to be in Haiti this weekend, when he is here great things tend to happen.

We have been trying for about ten months now to purchase land for the deaf who lost their homes during the earthquake and live in T-shelters at La Piste. 410’s vision for this project is to move the deaf into permanent homes and work with them until they can become 100% sustainable. Working with micro enterprise, spirituality, water and sanitation, and education; we hope the deaf will become thriving members of their nation.

Finding land in Haiti has proven to be the largest challenge thus far in this project. It is difficult in Haiti to find land with a clean title, it is recommended that we are able to go at least three deeds back. Often foreigners will go through an entire process of buying land only to realize the person they bought the land from has sold it to three or four other people already or is not the rightful owner of the land. 410 also plans to do agriculture and livestock farming on the land making it necessary to get enough land to make this happen. The cost of land in Haiti has also increased dramatically since the Jan 12th earthquake. There are many NGO’s in Haiti hoping to purchase land for various reasons. Needless to say ten months later we are still without land for the project.

Saturday Kurt, James (410 Bridge, Director of International Programming) and I went with Tompy and Ronald, our Haitian staff to visit a piece of land that was given to an organization called Mission of Hope (MOH) www.missionofhope.org. MOH was given land by the Haitian government with the promise of building 500 homes for those who are homeless, living in a make shift shelter or tents.

It was exciting to see the land and the homes MOH has built on the land thus far. They are a large operation with many amazing things happening. During our tour I think we barely scratched the surface of what they have out there. A wedding was happening in the church, some volunteers were busy working on a new storage building, a few were sorting medical supplies, while others greeted us at the land where they were busying working alongside Haitians building homes.

Today (Sunday) Kurt, James and I will be taking about 25 members of the deaf community from the tent days to look at the land. The land is out of Port au Prince and we understand not everyone will want to move out of the city. We would like them all to see it and have a fair chance at making the decision for themselves. It is not an easy task on our part, or an easy decision on theirs. Please continue to pray for the deaf Haitians over the next few weeks. Pray this project will finally make it to the next phase; LAND! Pray the deaf Haitians will have discernment and wisdom as they see the land and the opportunity that has been placed in front of them. Pray 410 is able to raise the funding to build the homes if that is where we finally arrive at. Please pray for Kyle who is moving down to Haiti to join me this Thursday! Please pray for me as I come up on my one year anniversary in Haiti!

I am not sure what God has in store for this project, looking back-when I think I know what direction it is going; He takes it in a different one. I have to remember to be patient and trust in His perfect plan.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” -Romans 8:28


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