25 Deaf Visit Mission of Hope Land!

Sunday Kurt James and I took a bus load of 25 deaf Haitians from La Piste to see the potential land Mission of Hope has for this possible endeavor. There are still a few crucial steps that must happen before the light turns green and we are able to proceed. First 410 must prepare and send a proposal to Mission of Hope to be approved by their board. Please pray this happens as quickly and as smoothly as possible, pray they are excited as we are!

Kurt, Georgia and I talking with the LC before we head out!

Included in the proposal should be the number of homes allocated for the deaf; however it will be hard to find out exactly who wants to move without taking each person to visit the land. We need to be careful in how this is carried out, this is Haiti and often things do not work out as you hope and we do not wish to get any one’s hopes up. It will be a complicated road ahead and this project is surely not without its challenges, but we have made it this far and I know we have to keep trusting God. If you don’t take a leap of faith every now and then you will never get anywhere but exactly where you started.

Most of the Leadership Committee

I feel as though the whole past year has been one leap of faith after another, from deciding to come to Haiti to meeting 410 and making the decision to join with them as staff, from home to home, and of course the project. I’m not the only one who has taken a leap of faith. I think the deaf at La Piste have been extremely patient with the project as well. They have taken a leap of faith by visiting land and continuing to have faith in a better life for themselves.

Hiking up to see the view from the water tower.

As we walked around the property at Mission of Hope the deaf were able to see inside a house that was finished, they were able to see and dream about what their home could one day look like. They saw the plot of land that came with each home, where they could plant a garden, where their kids could play soccer or jump rope on the grass-not like the rocks they run around on now. We walked them up to the water tower on the property so they could look out and see the land and homes that are already built. We showed them where the church would be, the school, we talked about a market area and how close the property is to PaP (only one Tap Tap away).

View of finished homes from the water tower!

Georgia was with us as well, she has been involved with the deaf since just after the earthquake, she lives in Haiti and her brother is deaf; he works at Gallaudet University in Washington DC. Georgia, John from MOH, Kurt and I were asked a number of questions and answered them to the best of our current knowledge. Georgia and I will speak with the deaf this week to answer more questions and help explain to the rest of the community what the current status of the project it. We took 25 people to visit in hopes they would be able to explain to other members of the community what they saw.

Looking at the houses.

This is the best opportunity for the deaf we have come across so far. There are still a great many things that need to happen, but there is a light in the tunnel! Please, I cannot say it enough-keep the project and the deaf Haitians in your prayers! Pray the right doors are opened and it is clear how things should move forward!


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  1. Hi, just wonder which area are you in and where is the Mission of hope in? Reason I ask cuz I am in Haiti on mission for Healing Haiti with my church group. Would be interesting if I happen passed by your area. We went to Cite Soliel today to deliver water from the truck tank. Tmw we will go visit mother teresa’s.
    I always read your comments since last spring. You are an amazing lady working here since. Would love to work here long term in some area.

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