Welcome HOME Kyle!

On Saturday August 6th, 2011 Kyle Reschke joined me in Haiti to become the second American staff member to be a part of the deaf project. Kyle is a member of Frazer United Methodist Church and will be focusing on education with the deaf for the project. He is an inspiring person and I am looking forward to getting to know him and learn as much as I can from him (except anything math related)!

I am excited with the new land and community potential for the deaf and the project and am equally excited to have Kyle here to share the experience with. Sometimes I find it quite challenging as a single woman to be in Haiti and on the mission field; I often feel I am fighting a bit harder to get my voice heard. With Kyle here I hope to have someone to share ideas and celebrations with as well as frustrations and concerns. It is comforting to know there is another person with the same goals and visions looking out for you.

Monday Kyle and I did a few errands that in the States would have taken an hour or two, but in Haiti took most of the day. We started out by getting him set up with a cell phone plan which took about an hour, but in my experience that’s not too far off from how it is in a first world country! After grabbing some lunch we headed to get a few things for the medical team that will be arriving on Saturday to serve the deaf and others who attend the church many of the deaf from La Piste attend. We met with Pastor Lenny from the church about the clinic and a few last minute things. Tompy let me drive to New Life to get some practice; we dropped off Kyle and were done for the day!

I didn’t need any help with directions and missed most of the pot holes that make up the roads in down town Port au Prince. Kyle even threw me a compliment, he said I was ‘surprisingly good’-whatever he meant by that! Now I just need to get a car of my own so I can get around a bit easier, I can’t say I am brave enough to venture on to Haiti’s tap-tap or motor-taxi system.

I wrapped Monday up with ‘Mexican Monday’ back at MTI where Stephanie and I made Enchiladas and Tacos for her parents and the long term volunteers here. It was a pretty good start to my week-I have to add that I started the day off at 6:30 with a run! I am excited to see what the week ahead brings!

Happy Monday!

Welcome HOME Kyle!!!

Mexican Monday!


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