Sunday starts a great week-as usual!

This past Saturday a team from Frazer United Methodist Church in Montgomery, Alabama arrived in Haiti fully equipped to do a mobile medical clinic. The clinic was held at Eglise Solidarite Baptiste Church Monday through Friday and served those in need from the deaf community at La Piste as well as those in the congregation. This was my first experience running a medical team and I had no idea what to expect, but as I am learning my lessons in Haiti-this week I remembered to ‘expect the unexpected.’

Last Sunday we went to the church where we held the clinic and worshiped with the congregation. I tried my best to help the team understand what to expect; lots of praise and worship, heat, hard benches, and a wonderful message-given in Kreole of course! We got all we were expecting and then some! Pastor Lenny was kind enough to summarize parts of the sermon in English as he preached! I was excited to see the worship and the sermon interpreted. Coming from a setting like Rochester where interpreted events are the norm, I was excited again to see something like church interpreted and accepted as the ‘norm.’

Although I have experienced Haitian church many times before, I found attending the interpreted service a new experience. The service lasted about two hours and the church was a hot cement box, but for the first time ever I was able to understand the songs and the message as they were happening. I have been a bit lagging in picking up Kreole-as much of my interaction is with Haitians who speak English or with the deaf Haitians who are using American Sign Language. For this reason I was able to watch the interpreter and understand the message immediately, it was an awesome-new experience for me in Haitian church!

From there we headed over to La Piste (the deaf camp) where we gave the leaders cards to hand out for the upcoming clinic. We gave the cards to the community leaders to distribute to the needy in their community and headed to the palace that stands in rubble. The sight of the massive building in which I saw repeatedly on television in the days and weeks following the earthquake never ceases to bring a tear to my eyes.

It was a good start to the busy week ahead, and now looking back….it was a great week! The team that was here was perfect! Once again I was blessed to be a part of something great that God is doing here in Haiti. I am happy to be of service any way I can down here and to know that I am called to be here is a blessing in its self that amazes me. I miss the team greatly and hope to see you all back down here soon!

Guiva at the church.


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