Blessed to love

To see beauty, you have to step out and experience life. For some that means they walk out the front door of their apartment and experience their favorite dish at a restaurant in town. Maybe you are a mother and see the beauty of the world, the beauty of life every time you look down at you precious new born baby. For me, I try to see beauty in every bit of life, every person, and every situation. At times this is not as easy as the words make it sound, I find I need to continually remind myself, everything happens for a reason, find the silver lining, find the beauty.

I have been through many trials during the last 15 months in Haiti. I have come to realize, every moment happened just as it was supposed to in accordance to Gods plan. I am stronger for my experiences, although unrecognized at the time; I am blessed by those experiences. Although difficult, they were each in their own way necessary.

As my path is again changing, I am not quite sure what the future holds. I know I am beyond blessed by the people I have met along the way, those who have donated towards my endeavor and partnered with me in my journey. People here in Haiti who I have met and have changed my life forever, friends who became family. I remain in constant awe at the Haitians who continue to show love and grace though their lives are harder than I will ever begin to comprehend.

Maybe I feeling nostalgic tonight, or perhaps very thankful, whatever it is I have been reflecting on the last year and a half of my life and find myself overwhelmed with graciousness and thanks for the people who have been a part of it. I am thankful for each day, each person, and every situation that helps me grow into the person I am becoming. I hope I am able to be a light in the lives of others as so many have been for me. I pray I am able to show the love God has shown me to others each and every day.

“I have loved you with an everlasting love.” Jeremiah 31:3

“If we do not show love to one another, the world has a right to question whether Christianity is true.”
Francis Schaffer

“Measure your life in love.”



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