A light from La Crosse

Recently we had two back to back teams volunteer with us here at World Wide Village. When I returned from the holidays there was a team of 17 on the ground. I was with them a few days-the day they flew out a team of four women from La Crosse, Wisconsin arrived.

Working full time on the mission field can be exhausting and working around the clock with a constant flow of new people that leave just as you are getting to know them doesn’t help. This is the life I have chosen and I wouldn’t change it for a minute; although there are difficult days and times when I reach my limit. I love what I do and feel so blessed by the people I meet who come to Haiti to serve.

Ali touring the team around Luly.

The four ladies were so amazing, a huge blessing-willing to do anything we threw at them. The biggest part of my job serving in Haiti is making sure the people who volunteer their time to come and serve through World Wide Village are doing meaningful service projects that will make a difference to someone in Haiti. I say someone because although they might not know it-most of the volunteers who are making a tremendous impact in the lives of many Haitians are also making a huge impact in my life.

Lori, Karen, Kelly and Sue were such a light, I’m not sure how to thank them; they helped to rejuvenate my soul. They were willing and eager to serve wherever God opened the doors, which in Haiti can be difficult-things never seem to go how you plan. I think the best advice I give to teams is don’t ask me what the plan is for tomorrow until dinner tomorrow night because no matter what I say it will always change at least Eight times!

Coloring with kids in a children’s home.

The ladies served at many of our projects during their week here. They distributed dresses and under wear to one of our partnering children’s homes, read bible stories and loved on the deserving children; but I think my favorite project was the time we spent at REBUILD Globally.

One day we took a full work day and went over to help the staff at the REBUILD shop get organized. The ladies worked on different organizing and craft projects with the kids as well as helped plan out their new garden. They even ended their trip by helping us with our garden at the WWV house!!!

Seedlings for the REBUILD garden!

I am so thankful for the ladies on the La Crosse team and I miss them dearly. I pray it won’t be too long before we will be greeting them at the airport again! Ladies you were a blessing, we are missing you and thinking of you often!

Working on the REBUILD Garden!


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  1. Karen Dieringer

    Tara – thank you so much for your kind words – as I read your post, I now have tears in my eyes thinking of our time there and how much you all, and all of the experiences I had in Haiti, mean to me and how much I miss all of it. I feel so fortunate to have been able to see and feel all of the things I have – the joy of Rebuild and the Deaf Camp and the heartbreak of our experience of FPCH – it is all of those types of things that gives our lives the richness of knowing that life is unexpected, and faith, hope and love get us through it all. We were so blessed to have you and Ali to share it with – you both, as well as everyone else at the WWV house have a permanent home in my heart and it is definitely my intent to see you all again soon. I shared a presentation of my trip with my co-workers last week, cried a few times, and left them all with the message that at the times of your life when you can afford to, share with people who are in need (most people think of giving money), but to be truly blessed, share your time and love with people because you will give and get so much more when you put yourself in the middle of whatever it is that you support, rather than letting just your dollars do it. Please keep us up on all that is going on! with love and blessings – Karen

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