Just get me home!

I am not sure where to begin; it has been so long since my last post I am not sure how to get all my thoughts down without one run on sentence or mile long paragraph. I thought about not blogging about this as so much time has passed, but it was too exciting not too!

The day I was in Cap Haitien Jamil and I finished the rest of the hearing aid molds by 10:00 A.M.-headed to Tortug Airlines to wait stand by for a flight back to PaP. 12:30 flight, over booked. 3:00 flight, over booked; people were paying bribes…needless to say Jamil and I didn’t make the last flight out of Cap Haitien.

I spent an hour calling everyone I knew trying to find a place to stay or a way back to PaP. 500USD to rent a car that would drive us home the following day. I refused to leave the airport until I had a solution in place. The power went off, the sun was lowering in the sky, and tears were about to streak my face….

At 4:00 P.M a private plane lands on the tarmac and five people step off. Well now what else would I do but run out there after it hoping and praying it was bound for PaP. I was yelled at and chased by the Tortuge staff, but I was determined to get on that plane. After a few minutes of yelling across the air strip, I was successful-the pilot agreed; he later told me it was my persistence, but he was happy to help!!! I grabbed the bags with the 227 ear molds, took Jamil by the arm and jumped into the plane!

Mountains in the Central Plateau

As I loaded into the front seat of a six seat plane, the controls were in front of me; steering wheel in my lap. I had a moment of panic then the excitement that I was going to get home set in and I was calm. It was an amazing experience!!! I flew with Foundation Haitienne por une Educatoin Adaptee a L’Aeronautique, a company started to charter flights to most anywhere in Haiti; they offer a pilot training program, aerial photography and medevac flights (www.fheaa.org). Haiti is a beautiful country, but the view from above is breathtaking. It was unique for me to fly over so many of the places I would travel to when working with the 410 Bridge and Medical Teams International; we went over Haiti Outreach and the Partners in Health building, passed the Hydroelectric dam and over Canaan.

Pignon airport and Haiti Outreach Guest House!!!

It was great to see how God turned a seemingly difficult day into something perfect, something only he could put together; my plan would not have been nearly as exciting. I am so thankful and blessed by Jamil who was willing to trust me and my crazy plan; and for Frantz, the pilot who went above and beyond to help someone in trouble. The world truly is full of amazing people, especially when your world is Haiti.

Jamil taking in the sites of his beautiful country!

Frantz-the Pilot and I!!!


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  1. And who would be surprised that you would run after the plane……never give up! I’m just glad you are safe!!

  2. Nothing about you ever surprises me Tara. You’re one determined young lady and usually get something started when you feels it necessary. Sounds like you have a rewarding life.

  3. Atta a girl…Tara…your own ‘gifts’ make a way for you…its in the old testament somewhere…doors will open best if you reach out and push!

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