Phase III

On the 1st of the month, Derek from Starkey Hearing Foundation came to Haiti at the end of a Mexico-Dominican Republic fitting mission, he stopped by Haiti for a few days so him and I could talk about sustainability and future programs, he also walked me thru a few ‘Phase III’ follow up’s.

The Starkey Hearing Foundation is doing amazing work around the world by donating and fitting hearing aids to deaf children and adults. In order to keep this amazing work going and allow the beneficiaries to continually benefit from their hearing aid there needs to be significant follow up. Part of my role with World Wide Village and Starkey Hearing is to do just that. Immediately after patients are fit with their hearing aids they are educated on the proper care and upkeep of their new hearing aid. A few months after the original fitting the patient needs to be checked with to make sure everything is going well, they are happy with their hearing aid or if they have any questions-this is where I come in.

In my opinion, an essential part of the process is to show the recipient they are more than just a patient, we want to make sure they know we care about them. Starkey doesn’t do what they do for a good photo opp, it’s about love and compassion and the best way to continually show that love to other. The Starkey Hearing Foundation does that though hearing aid distribution and personally I think it is a remarkable way to show someone you care.

The need for a simple reminder on care and use of their hearing aid is often necessary, aid break and batteries die leaving behind great need for Starkey to show the recipients they are continually invested in them; again, this is where I come in-at least for Haiti. Part of my role is to check in on the sites and schools already visited on previous hearing aid distributions. It was great to have Derek from Starkey here with me to walk me through a Phase III mission! It’s a developing role with the potential for challenges, but there is not much in Haiti that does not have its challenges!


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  1. You go girl. I can almost always hear the happiness in your posts. It must be hard sometimes with all the work that still needs to be done ther.

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