Day one of my first Starkey Mission

Finally I had the chance to breathe after another team of four wonderful ladies spent a week with us painting classrooms, building desks and loving on the people in World Wide Village communities. The ladies were wonderful and eager to fit in wherever possible, the business of my week came from the Starkey Hearing Foundation being in town at the same time as the team…not to mention it was also Carnival. Luckily I have the most amazing coworker in Haiti who was able to handle the team solo like the rock star she is.

Hearing Aids

While Ali was with the team I was with Starkey on site at La Piste, the wooden home community where they distributed hearing aids a year ago. We were repairing broken aids and distributing new ones to people who missed or were new to the community. We spent all morning with the community until everyone who needed to be seen was. I have been working with the community at La Piste since I moved here in August of 2010; it was a rewarding experience for me to have to opportunity to work with them in this new role. It was amazing to see the faces of those who recognized Starkey people from their first visit; it has always been my favorite thing to witness-the moment they realize you came back…

I love this little chunk!

When we left La Piste we traveled to the Petion Ville Country club, also known as JP/HRO Camp or the tent city Sean Penn manages. There are a few children and adults in the camp needing hearing aids so we went up to see who we could find. The staff and community leaders who showed us around were a huge blessing. They have done some amazing things and have wonderful services up there.  It was a great way to start the week of!


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  1. This is amazing, Tara!!! You, and all the people you work with, are such inspirations! Obviously, as a Speech Pathologist, hearing and getting hearing services to those who really need it is near to my heart! Thank you for seeking out people who truly need and deserve some assistance! God Bless!

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