My BIRTHDAY month!!!

For those of you who know me well know I like to celebrate my birthday ALL month long-you can thank my mother for always making sure I felt special on and around my day. My birthday is right around the corner, on the 28th of March and I am super excited as usual!!

I will be spending my birthday this year again away from my friends and family in the US. I will be in Haiti working as we will have TWO teams on the ground. I plan to celebrate over Sushi with some close friends as I look forward to the coming year!!!

Some friends and family have asked me what I want for my birthday this year, money toward a plane ticket home or new clothes, jewelry, books-the typical birthday stuff. Last week one of my best friends from college came to visit me in Haiti. It was great to have her here with me, sort of an early birthday present. While Morgan was here so many crazy things happened it was almost surreal…including a 4.6 earthquake.

It didn’t appear there was damage anywhere, at least not that I heard; it was all over twitter and face book in seconds. There was an eerie calm that came over the neighborhood; the usual tune of roosters, dogs and birds was replaced with a still silence. The next morning Morgan and I visited REBUILD globally, an organization started by a good friend of mine here in Haiti; Julie Colombino and our friend Sandra are the two amazing women running it.

Julie in front of the shop!

When we walked in their red metal door Sandra immediately pointed out the perimeter wall that was damaged by the recent earthquake. The wall is leaning on their water tanks and appears to be holding; however, when it does fall REBUILD Globally will face a great security risk. Their equipment, supplies and entire stock is behind that wall. For a small (but growing) artisan organization in Haiti, they don’t have reserve funds saved up to replace the wall. It runs the length of the property and will not all have to be replaced. The cost for the wall and labor is 3,000USD.

The outside of the wall.

This year for my birthday I am asking friends, family, past team members or regular blog readers to help out someone in need. If you personally are unable to help, please help by passing this on to friends, family or coworkers! It may not be a direct mouth you are feeding or roof to a new home you are putting over a Haitians head; but it is a place of work-of betterment and empowerment. For those who work at REBUILD, working in a safe environment brings them a steady income, it does directly feed the mouths of their families, REBUILD allowed them to help put their OWN roof over their heads.

If you feel able to help out REBUILD in their effort to keep their facility secure please go to their website and donate through the button on the home page of their website. All donations for this project will go directly rebuilding the REBUILD Globally wall!

The wall being held up by a tree and two water tanks.


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  1. Karen Dieringer

    Tara –

    My Birthday is March 29th! – although, I will have had a few more under my belt than you have…. 🙂 Sorry to hear about Julie’s wall – I think “birthday blocks”, or whatever else they need sounds like a great idea. If I can get some donations, should we donate directly to the REBUILD site?

    Peace –


    • Karen,
      That is awesome, happy birthday month to you too!!! You are so amazing, thank you for your willingness to help with this!! Birthday Blocks-I LOVE it!! Yes, if you could get donations, you can do it directly on the REBUILD site, if you click on any of the word ‘REBUILD’ in the post it will take you right to it!
      Thanks for all you do!
      XO Tara

  2. Tara,

    Happy birthday!

    Thanks for your hard work and selfless diligence. I urge all fellow rochestarians to make a donation and get that wall built.

    Best wishes,
    Frank coppola

  3. Praying for you and all in Haiti! I hope you are having a great ‘Birthday Month’ – I hope this birthday gift will help REBUILD Globally. I love seeing what awesome things that are happening in Haiti with the work that you and the others are doing!

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