Starkey follow up in Cap Haitien, Haiti!



My job is amazing; I’m beyond lucky-I’m blessed and fortunate. I am repeatedly in exciting situations and around amazing people. The last two years in Haiti have been amazing, I continue to be in disbelief of all I have been able to do and see. Last week I returned to Cap Haitian to do a follow up on the students at the Sister Augusta School for the Deaf who received hearing aids back in February.

The trip came together and I finally had the chance to fly with MAF, Missionary Aviation Fellowship, it was a long time coming and they exceeded expectations. They were personable and real, not to mention they have pretty cool jobs themselves. I got to sit in the front seat of the plane again and they offered to fly next to the Citadel-it was beautiful! Not to mention the random act of kindness the pilot took care of for me in Cap Haitian ( I probably shouldn’t document my silly mistake so I’m not going to) I would like to say thank you to everyone at MAF you went above and beyond, I wish I could repay you for all you do! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

When we arrived at the school we were met for a third time with a warm welcome! Looking around I noticed almost all the students were wearing their hearing aids! A few that weren’t, had them packed in their bags ready to take home, of course some had long elaborate stories of how they lost theirs! Before Jamil and I started working I sat down with some kids waiting to go home and chatted with them. They were so happy, so animated-so SMART! It made my heart smile to just sit and watch them.

Visiting with the kids after school!

The goal of my trip was to check in on the school and the children, listen to how things are going-revisit education related to their aids if necessary. Everyone seemed to be doing great! There were a few kids who have lost their hearing aids, this is normal, a hearing aid is a new responsibility for them; first or third world-deaf or hearing-Haitian or

Adding a little heat to fix his wonky tubing! #thirdworldtricks

American, they are still KIDS! Others had been caught in the rain or their hearing aid broke and needed to be sent to the Starkey lab to be fixed for one reason or another. Whoever was having issues we tried to figure it out; batteries, broken aids, and children who were no longer hearing from working aids.

There were a handful of children who had hearing aids that were working just fine, however they were no longer able to hear out of them. This means one thing really-their hearing is getting worse. I’m not an audiologist and I have no right to tell them this was the issue. I simply told them the truth, your hearing aid is working fine, but you are not hearing out of it-we will do our best to figure it out.

The whole trip was a success! We were treated with such hospitality, had the best dinner-and breakfast! Everyone is always so kind and happy to see us! At the end of the day we got chilled coconuts and a straw-the joys of being in the Caribbean! I got hugs and fist bumps, and one of my favorite kinds of smiles-the shy smile. Before leaving Jamil and I walked around the whole campus. We saw everything from math class to woodshop and embroidery lessons!

Embroidery Class

Wood shop class!

Working hard!

Thank you to everyone at the school for their hospitality! On the way home we were able to fly again with an organization who trains pilots here in Haiti! This time I planned ahead so I didn’t have to flag them down on the runway!

Flight lessons!

I have had some amazing opportunities in Haiti, but one of the best things about it all is knowing at this very moment I am in the center of Gods will, doing God’s work. At times there are unknowns about life, the act of faith is easier said than done. Tomorrow is not a guarantee; the path is lit one step at a time. I trust God is in control and He continues to prove it by the amazing plan he has laid before me day after day.

Chilled Coconuts!


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  1. Karen Dieringer

    so proud of you Tara and all that you are doing – it is amazing what a blessing life can be, both in the giving and the receiving!

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