Welcome to the world baby Nora!!

Around the corner from where I currently live is a pretty amazing family (click for their blog). I was hanging out one evening for some fellowship and laughter when, Tara (the other Tara, I know-WHAT?!!? two Tara’s!) got a call that a woman was in Labor.

Troy and Tara Livesay work for Heartline Ministries, an amazing mission here in Haiti with a focus on women. Heartline has many women’s programs ranging from a cooking and a sewing school, to a teen mom house and maternity center. One of my favorite things to do in Haiti is network and partner, for anyone hoping to do the same, volunteer in Haiti or just looking for an honest mission to donate toward-Heartline is on the top of my list!

After Tara got the call she asked if I wanted to join her to see a birth…umm let me think…YEAH! Tara, her daughter Paige and I drove a mile up the road to the Heartline Maternity Center. We got there a little after 7PM, momma to be (Astrid) was walking around trying to speed up the process and poppa to be was patiently waiting out front.

Around two hours and three chocolate bars later we were still waiting. I was impressed by many things during this experience, but mostly the willingness and trust of Astrid with the Heartline staff. The three midwives from Heartline were too amazing, from their Kreole skills to their gentle ability to walk Astrid through what she needed to do in order to ease her pain.


Prior to the birth Astrid had attended different maternity classes offered at Heartline. This was Astrid’s fourth birth (all with the same father-sort of a big thing here in Haiti!) so she was pretty prepared, but I am not sure one can ever be 100% prepared with something so unexpected and varying as birth. Everyone present did a phenomenal job and baby Nora was born around 11:30PM on April 27th!


I can honestly say I have never experienced something like this before; this was the first birth I have been able to witness. It is a beautiful thing and I feel so blessed to be a woman and one day (hopefully) experience the gift of life myself (using a midwife for sure!) I am so thankful to Astrid, Tara and Heartline for allowing me to be there and ask so many questions! It was an experience I will never forget! Welcome to the world baby Nora!!!





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  1. *YOU* are the “other Tara”. 😉

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