Haiti State Fair!!!

A few weeks ago (I know I am really behind!) a few of us were driving out to one of our communities, we were driving down Route National 1 (one of Haiti’s national highways) and we passed the Department of Agriculture. If you have ever gone this way before the beautiful structure with the enormous lawn filled with trees sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the eclectic street vendors that adorn the streets of Haiti.

Damaged Agricultural Building

On our way back we decided to pull in and see what the festival was all about. In Haiti, May 1st is a holiday in which everyone is supposed to plant a tree; sort of an agricultural awareness/earth day experience. The festival had everything a state fair would have minus the rides and butter sculpture, neither of which I think would work out so well in Haiti.

We walked up and down the sections of crafts; everything from necklaces to purses and paintings, even toy airplanes and car’s made from recycled bottles. Then we looped around to the food block passing by the vendor selling COTTON CANDY!!! He had a great set up with a generator and all the first world fashions-for the equivalent of about .25 Cents I had to refrain from buying more than one! It’s a good think because I had to save room for the soft serve ice cream cart made with real Haitian Vanilla and the iced caramel macchiato with Haitian Coffee!

Generator=Cotton Candy Deliciousness

New friends I met waiting in line!

It was an all-around great experience of so many great things Haitian! There were plants, trees and almost every fruit tree on the island available. They had education booths set up about proper irrigation techniques and proper farming practices. It was a wonderful way for Haitians to take pride in their country and the things they have to offer!

Haitian Vanilla Ice Cream!!



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