Welcome Back!!!

WOW, it is so nice to be back home in Haiti!!! After almost an entire month in the US Julie and I returned to Haiti this week! Before returning we spent a week in Orlando (Julie, Sandra and I) buying generators, air compressors and many other things need for the shop in preparation to expand and include 20 new women!

The staff cleaned up!

Flying in to Haiti gave me chills from excitement; it was so good to finally be home. Julie and I had a great friend pick us up from the airport providing an entirely new travel experience; US Military style, but that’s a whole other story…

By the time we arrived the shop was already closed for the day, we decided to surprise everyone by showing up at 8 AM the following morning. It was great to see our staff and friends, the greeting we got was so welcoming it made Julie and I both cry!

It sure is!!!

While we were out the shop not only ran successfully, the staff made it better than we could have imagined! They cleared new pathways and everything was orderly and running smoothly, it was good to see them taking such a great amount of ownership and pride in their work. It far exceeded my expectations, but they proved us they can run the shop without us; we just need to get out there and sell sell sell!!!

Julie and I

Throughout the day a few of the apprentice and street kids showed up, it was great to see them as well!!! One time I opened the door to three boys who charged at me with open arms and hugged my waist; it was humbling to feel so loved and missed. I couldn’t be happier to be home, if you are in Haiti and you see me glowing, it’s because I am so overjoyed to be home (and possibly a bit from sweat).

So happy to see his face!


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  1. Everything has changed since I was at the shop! Great and wonderful things it appears. Congratulations to all the hard workers. The pride shown is a direct result of Rebuild Globally’s efforts and confidence in the beautiful Haitian people.
    Love from Kathy (Mom)

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