Consistently amazed!

Sunday afternoon I was not around and Julie was invited to the women’s group of Tabarre weekly meeting. On Wednesday we started training with our 20 new women at RG, many who are from the Women’s Group of Tabarre.
When Julie showed up she received a warm welcome. While talking to Jolina who has been with RG since its inception she was informed of an orphanage in the area with 29 kids who are in dire need of help. It is Haitian run and Haitian supported. A few of our new women are involved with this orphanage as they took in their children when their families were unable to provide for them.
After receiving their first pay check a few of the new staff members took the money and gave it to the orphanage to help pay for food. Jolina asked Julie if she could help in support. Julie who to date refuses to take an American salary is unable to donate any more money to more causes.
However, Jolina and the women in the group came up with the idea to approach the staff at the RG shop, explain the needs of the orphanage and see who would consider donating a bit of their salary each week to the orphanage. Many of our current staff do give to the orphanage weekly, but it was amazing that Claudette- who hadn’t even worked a full week was so thoughtful and generous.
When Julie told me this story I was in complete awe of the selflessness and compassion of our artisans and the women in the group. This shouldn’t be a big surprise, not a day goes by where the resilience and love of our staff ceases to surprise me. They are loving, compassionate, beautiful people and I am so blessed they are all a part of RG, not to mention my friends.
I am not sure what the rest of the staff will decide to do, but I will update when I hear! Please pray for our staff, the people of Haiti and children everywhere who are not living in a true home.


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