Paychecks feed families.

I feel very fortunate to have worked with our staff and new hires over the last few weeks. I have seen the ladies come together as a team, learn new things, and grow as individuals.

Before we hired our new women, one of the moms of two of our street boys stopped by the shop with her children. She was started work the next day and seemed very excited. Both of her boys were telling us they were hungry and asking for new sandals. Our hope is by providing jobs we will no longer have to hand out food to the hungry street boys.

Such goofballs!

During our training week and in the weeks since, this mom and the 19 other women have learned start to finish how to make REBUILDERS. Not only have these women learned a new skill, they are also able to use their pay checks to feed their families. For some of them this is the first times in their lives they have been able to provide for their family.

Each one has a unique story, each one is resilient and beautiful, and I am so honored to have a small part in this story!


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  1. You are amazing Tara, and Rebuild is incredible- both in their mission and what they are providing families. It is such a gift to be able to “teach a man how to fish”, if you will, so that they have the benefit of power and freedom to be less dependant on others for their well being. You are providing them with freedom, independance, and oppertunity and that cannot be topped! ❤

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