Jolina; RG’s very own sHiniNg stAr

They both radiate joy!

So many things amaze me about Haiti, the people, the backwards way life is; every second of every day it seems. I am not sure why I am still surprised by the people, but for some reason I am. With the new happening at the shop, one person is at the top of my list of surprising people.

We have split our staff into four ‘teams’ each table has a leader who is in charge of their table; meeting weekly inventory quota, improving efficiency, addressing issues that arise and anything else that might show up. Jolina and Ody have taken on the role of quality control and shop supervisors; this is a new role for Jolina.

Jolina has rock star status in my book. She is an instrumental member of the Women’s Group of Tabarre and has brought us many of our new women employees. She has really grown over the last few weeks and seems to be shining in her new leadership role. She may not be the best sandal maker we have, but she sure knows how to manage a group of people and has been a huge help in the sorting through challenges with our new employees.

Jolina (in the green) working with the ladies in the shop.

I am so happy to see Jolina’s smiling face each morning when I walk in the shop. She has a radiant personality that executes joy like none other. She is blossoming as a leader and I am so blessed to witness it.

Jolina and I

Working hard!


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