Teaching and learning and learning and teaching.

This life I live has turned into one giant learning experience. I have learned about a new culture, a new language, a new strength inside of myself, a new appreciation for things and people around me. I am learning how to deal with parentless children whom no matter how tough they act sometimes-I absolutely adore them! My walk with God has taught me a new level of faith and love. My journey with RG has become a great platform to learn as well as teach. I try my best to teach as I work; more often than not I am the one learning.

As usual we are making changes around the REBUILD shop!!! We have really tried to stay ahead of the game, but seem to always be one step behind. Sometimes it seems like none of us know what we are doing, but somehow…we figure it out, it works…we think.

Julie leading a meeting with the whole staff.

We have been trying to teach our four teams how to be more efficient in the sandal making process. We do not have each individual person make one sandal start to finish, we have learned that is not a successful method. I have enjoyed watching our staff as they figure out how to lead their teams. They have learned who is better at the different steps of the process; who is better at cutting, tracing, or gluing. They are learning as they are teaching.


Hiring such a large group of women, some who have never had a job before has been a challenge for us, but our staff have done a great job. They have surprised us in every way; they have stepped up to the task and surpassed our expectations. They face their own challenges that we will never understand, but they are learning problem solving skills along with new leadership responsibilities.

Every day we have new challenges, both in the shop and in Haiti. BUT, every day we have new things we over come, new things we learn and new experiences to grow us. It is a crazy ride this life we live, but I know it is exactly where I am supposed to be…learning and teaching-teaching and learning.


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