A BIG week at REBUILD!

Last week was a huge week for REBUILD!!! Founder and CEO, Julie, is in London where she has an amazing opportunity to showcase REBUILDERS at the 2012 London Olympic Games in Hyde Park at Africa Village. We are honored to share a booth with AMREFUK, a charity organization that focuses on women’s health in Africa.

RG sandal stand!

We are told by our friends at AMREFEK that unemployment is at 80% in some of the countries in Africa they work in. Just as in Haiti, women feel the pains of poverty and unemployment deeply and are unable to provide for their children; most have no access to health care. RG is excited for the new friendship and partnership, not only for this opportunity during the 2012 Olympics, but to explore possible partnership and future expansion opportunities!

Representing London 2012

Back in Haiti Sandra and I have been trying to keep up with changes around the shop, get ready for the trade show in NYC and manage the grant. Sandra is the RG Country Director and an amazing woman, I am so fortunate to work with her at RG! Last week RG was the featured story on the MINUSTA (UN) website. We are so honored to be a recipient of the QIP (Quick Impact Project) from MINUSTA. Through the QIP grant we have been able to impact many lives and expand in ways we only dreamed about! Needless to say this was a big week at RG, and it seems things are only getting better!


Support of Local Artisans


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  1. Congratulations on the QIP grant, Haiti needs a lot of work and it’s nice to see others with such passion!

  2. Lets contribute together to change the world… Many thanks to you girls

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