Surprises make our days…

Around here it seems nothing goes as it should. People often say ‘Oh Haiti’, like its expected for things to just NEVER happen as you hope. Almost as if the daily surprises (struggles) become the norm and thus no longer surprise us…make sense? Because of this, it makes those fun surprises where things turn out in your favor really great!

We love our street boys and wish we could do more for them. We had a feeding program and were promised the funds, but ‘surprise’ it wasn’t followed up on. To our surprise we had up to 15 kids on some days! Fortunately we were able to test out the program, figure out how it should be structured and re evaluate. Unfortunately, we were forced to temporarily shut the program down and the kids are no longer allowed to come in to the shop. This is heart breaking, but how it has to be…for now…

There is a consistent two or three who do hang out around the door and bombard us with hugs whenever we walk through. Occasionally we give in and let them come in and run around and eat, we admit it, we’re weak! You would be too if you felt those hugs! When they hang around outside of the gate they sit in the car, lay the seat back and hang out; sort of ‘Red Dragon’ (our car) security.

Last week Sandra and I got quite the surprise when we left the shop. We packed up our things, Sandra crawled over the seat (the drivers side door does not open), we fired up the Dragon and off we went! About half a mile down the road, mid conversation Gideson sat up in the back seat scaring the daylights out of both Sandra and I!!! When he saw us jump he started cracking up and had the biggest grin on his face!!!

Lesson learned, always check the back seat; you never know what surprises are waiting for you!!!


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  1. Karen Dieringer

    Tara – had been thinking very much about all of you lately – this week I finally started converting my journal and pictures from my trip last January into a scrap book and as I go through them, so many memories come flooding back. Last night I had worked on the first day that we spent at Rebuild and saw the pics of Gideson, Boot and Bacca (sp?) and was wondering how they are doing and how you all are doing. As I am going through this week of my life in words and pictures, so many emotions fill me and I am glad that I will be seeing Kelly Otterson today because she understands 🙂 I am so proud to have met people like you and Sandra and Julie, and the Kelleys, and Ali who are doing what they can to help people help themselves. I have also been thinking about many of the Haitian people that I met and wishing that I would have had more time to get to know them and learn more about their lives instead of just being a visitor blowing through. Hopefully I will have a chance to come back and do a better job of that. Blessings to you all! Karen

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