NYC here we come!!!

These last few weeks in Haiti have been a whirl wind of implementing and tracking our grant from the UN, teaching and working with our new employees, continually improving our product, and getting ready for the NY International Gift Fair (NYIGF) in NYC, our very first trade show!!!

Most of the listed above have been on going, but the time has come for our first trade show, ready or not! The weeks of preparing are behind us, its time. I can tell you I am scared out of my mind as we are preparing for this. I know we can do it, our artisans make a beautiful product and are very skilled. BUT…I have a fear of the unknown in this topic. I didn’t go to school for fashion, none of us did!!! We are jumping in both feet first and praying we will stick the landing (I have been watching a lot of Olympics’ lately and the jargon continually turns up in my vocabulary). We have had some amazing support, encouragement and help everywhere we look; we are by no means doing this alone.

Yvette’s table getting things ready!

Today I began packing up our stock to take to NYC. It’s been a whirlwind here and I really wish this was all finished last week, but the reality is…well it just wasn’t. The staff has been diligently working trying to fulfill my crazy requests and random orders of colors, sizes and models we need to take with us. Over the last few weeks we have also been changing our men’s line to make the thong piece more comfortable. A little too much of one model was changed and Sandra and I are not happy with it. We made the decision to NOT take it to the trade show. This is completely my fault, the Donald is one of our best sellers, but it is changed too much right now. We are learning a lot through the grant and with this trade show; sort of a crash course and we have a major learning curve.

Sandals waiting for tire souls!

We are taking a few products made by our Apprentice program students we will also be showcasing. We have 20 students in the program who are all getting ready for the school year to start! They have been here every Saturday this summer and will continue to come throughout the year.

Handcrafted by our Apprentice Students!

We are filled with emotions as we get ready to head out of Haiti and embark on this exciting endeavor! We hope and pray some great things will come out of this! I’ll let you know it goes-thoughts are prayers are appreciated!!!

Of course in the midst of it all the press broke!


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