Trade Show learning experience…

The trade show this past week went great! Apparently there is a ‘three trade show rule’ we were gravely unaware of. Although, to be completely fair, it makes sense. People want to see you, trust you; we have to win people over (smiles, charm, wit-we did our best). We tried our best and we did get a few orders, but nothing close to what we were hoping for. It also may not have been the best venue for us, we were after all the only shoe or sandal distributer there.

We can never get away from tires…

We sure did meet some amazing people though! We had a lot of people tell us they liked our product, it was good to hear others think we have a good thing going, a little encouragement. We would not have been able to pull it off without some very generous friends who believed in us and took the time to come out and help. David and Jenny are incredible people who took time to help us run around getting everything in order and setting up. David was our booth designer who had the great idea to make a palm tree with the trunk out of sandals! It came out great!

David and Allison working on the tree!

We attended some very informational seminars that were offered by NYIGF as well! The whole week was such an informative learning experience; I am so happy we were all there together! Thank you to everyone who believed in us to get us to this next step! Friends and family, strangers who are now friends, supporters of REBUILD-we couldn’t do this without you! Together we really can make a difference!

Bringing wood thru the subway!


Our first finished booth!


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