Meet Donald; from child slavery to employment!

Our sweet Donald.

I want to introduce you to Donald; he is one of our hardest working employees at REBUILD. He is caring, protective and driven; Donald cares about everyone around him and would do anything for any one. Over the last two years we have seen Donald blossom into an impressive young man, but he has come a long way from the days of his difficult youth.

Donald was a restavek, sold into modern day child slavery after his father passed away. Donalds mother was unable to care for her children and did the only thing she could think of to help her family; sacrifice one to save the rest.

Donald is 21 years old and in sixth grade. Donald started with RG as an apprentice, he quickly transitioned into part time employment attending school in the evenings. As a restavek his childhood was taken from him, his free-will was gone. All Donald wanted to do was go to school, to learn, to be able to take care of himself; now he can.

Donald has a full time job and responsibilities he never had before. Not only does Donald take care of himself, but he has helped his brother and family out as well!!! Donald has his OWN apartment, attends school at night, is a full time employee at REBUILD Globally and is taking driving lessons! We are so proud of the man Donald has become! His smiling face greets us every day and it always brightens up the room! It chills me to think where Donald might be had he never came to REBUILD…

Donald may be younger than me, he may not have a degree from a good University in the US, but Donald teaches me something every day and I am grateful for him.

Will you help more kids be successful like Donald? Sponsor an Apprentice student through REBUILD Globally and find out how you can impact the life of someone else-who knows, they might end up teaching you something!


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