I guess it’s sort of fitting to post about the spirit of being thankful on thanksgiving, but I have been feeling extra thankful these days, extra joyful; extra fulfilled.

I have been reading a great book this week One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. It reminds me of the inspiration and challenge in finding joy in your every day; every step of life, ever new leaf, every flower, every mud puddle and scent of fresh cut grass. The difficult is to find the joy among our challenges, but it’s there, the ever-present joy of life.

The loss of a job that brings new opportunities.

The end of a relationship that harvested fond memories and new experiences.

My difficulty is being thankful for each of these things. When situations are stressful and difficult, I forget to be thankful to have had the opportunity for the situation in the first place. I live a very blessed life, I have family and friends who love me and make my days brighter. I have a soft pillow to lay my head on at night and roof to protect me from the sun and the rain. When I’m sick I’m well taken care of and I never go to bed hungry or without a glass of water.

Food. Shelter. Water. Isn’t that what we were taught were our necessities; our bare essentials.; mine are taken care of above and beyond. So for this thanksgiving, I want to give thanks to all the small things, the hidden things, those that if not pointed out may be over looked. The blessings in the trials.

The soft smile of a child that says ‘thank you’.

The simple treasure of water, clear and clean running from a kitchen sink.

The gift of a hug from a friend, telling you without any words…I’m here.

There truly are a thousand gifts in each day.


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  1. You are a blessing to us all Tara. Love and Miss you. Momma Bush

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