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Teacher Appreciation Week!

This past week has been Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week here at Quisqueya. Being the Student Activities Coordinator and the Student Council Adviser, I was able to be in on all the behind the scenes work for this week. Normally the administration puts on a nice breakfast for us on Monday mornings, but this year there were demonstrations in Haiti and we did not have school. Tuesday was supposed to be cupcakes made for the teachers and staff by one of my seniors, but demonstrations continued into Tuesday and although we had school, Krysta was not able to make it in. She was busy baking away on Monday and that plan got postponed until Wednesday.

Tuesday started the week of with cards made for each teacher, faculty, and administrator here at QCS. My friend Elisa (the art teacher) was eager to help out with this feat for the second year in a row! A huge thank you to her and all of the elementary and high school art students for making such beautiful and thoughtful cards! This is secretly my favorite part of the week each year.

My favorite

My favorite

Wednesday Krysta blessed us with her wonderful baking skills. (Not that I’m bragging, but Krysta has already been accepted into Johnson and Wales, Culinary Institute of America, and Institute of Culinary Education). She is an amazing baker and I look forward to what she can accomplish with her gifts. Thank you Krysta for going above and beyond with this task. It was a hard choice between double chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and carrot shavings, and vanilla cupcakes with Oreo bottoms and vanilla/chocolate frosting and a marshmallow on top. It was a tough choice, but there were only enough for one per person.

It was just too hard to choose!

It was just too hard to choose!

Thursday my Student Council put together a very thoughtful gift for each of the teachers. QCS travel mugs filled with assorted candies and adorned with valentines day wrapping.

QCS Travel Mugs

QCS Travel Mugs

I also need to mention that in Chapel on both Wednesday (for High School) and Thursday (for Elementary School) Elisa did a beautiful mime with some Sign Language for the teachers. The song was about thanking them all for giving of their life and their time and as a result “I am a life that is changed.” It was a beautiful dedication from the students to the teachers and there was not a dry eye in the place. Especially when all of the elementary students joined in the miming at the end, turned to their teachers and thanked them for what they do. I might be crying as I type this recalling what a special moment it was, especially for me as the Sign Language teacher here.

Students signing to their teachers in Elementary Chapel.

Students signing to their teachers in Elementary Chapel.

Today I am missing the annual Ice Cream Celebration put on for the faculty and staff from the board. I fully plan on purchasing my own ice cream when I am in Florida this week for Carnival break to make up for my loss. Although perhaps the three cupcakes I ate on Wednesday (*Confession: I didn’t stick to the one per person rule) should be my compensation for missing out.

However, the seniors passed out their Valentines Day Roses this morning and I am enjoying seeing these gems of Gods creation on my desk all morning. My students really are thoughtful and gracious. They are giving and full of joy and I am so blessed to have them in my life.

Preparing Roses

Preparing Roses ❤

I am the person who receives many emails from teachers and staff saying how much they feel appreciated this week. I get many emails that say “great job” and “keep up the good work,” but its not me. It’s those kids. Those same kids that make me a little crazy sometimes and might even be making me a little more like my mother each day. I really feel its important to let the students know how much we all appreciate their hard work and thoughtfulness. So I want to pass on the gratefulness and the appreciation this week. Thank you for all you guys did this week! You went above and beyond and I love you all! And I definitely definitely feel appreciated.

I couldn’t decide which pics of the Mime/Signed Performance to put in from High School Chapel so there are lots more below:

image4image12   image15

image12 image13



Haiti State Fair!!!

A few weeks ago (I know I am really behind!) a few of us were driving out to one of our communities, we were driving down Route National 1 (one of Haiti’s national highways) and we passed the Department of Agriculture. If you have ever gone this way before the beautiful structure with the enormous lawn filled with trees sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the eclectic street vendors that adorn the streets of Haiti.

Damaged Agricultural Building

On our way back we decided to pull in and see what the festival was all about. In Haiti, May 1st is a holiday in which everyone is supposed to plant a tree; sort of an agricultural awareness/earth day experience. The festival had everything a state fair would have minus the rides and butter sculpture, neither of which I think would work out so well in Haiti.

We walked up and down the sections of crafts; everything from necklaces to purses and paintings, even toy airplanes and car’s made from recycled bottles. Then we looped around to the food block passing by the vendor selling COTTON CANDY!!! He had a great set up with a generator and all the first world fashions-for the equivalent of about .25 Cents I had to refrain from buying more than one! It’s a good think because I had to save room for the soft serve ice cream cart made with real Haitian Vanilla and the iced caramel macchiato with Haitian Coffee!

Generator=Cotton Candy Deliciousness

New friends I met waiting in line!

It was an all-around great experience of so many great things Haitian! There were plants, trees and almost every fruit tree on the island available. They had education booths set up about proper irrigation techniques and proper farming practices. It was a wonderful way for Haitians to take pride in their country and the things they have to offer!

Haitian Vanilla Ice Cream!!



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